Thursday, October 25, 2012

Teardrop Build Finished - Now with Camping Pics!

Well when I say finished, I mean it's pretty much done.  As with many projects like this I'm not sure they're ever really complete.  Oh I need to add a few shelves to the teardrop, figure out where and how to store everything better, add a game room for the pool table.  Just a few little tweaks.  The important thing is the teardrop's done enough to go camping! Here's the conclusion of last month's action packed blog post:

The Galley Hatch - Closed

The Galley Hatch - Open
Teardrop Driver Side

Teardrop Passernger Side

Our Teardrop's Maiden Voyage!
And here's our first teardrop camping trip:

Overall the teardrop camper did great and the memory foam mattress slept well.  This has been a really fun project that I'd recommend to anyone wanting to upgrade from tent camping.  See ya next time!

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