Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Springs and Assorted Jeep Goodness

So after a year or so of little in the way of upgrades this past month has yielded some big changes to the Jeep.  I've been running the puny Dana 35 rear axle which is fairly weak and has a tendency to snap the axles when coupled with larger tires and a heavy foot on the gas pedal.

Last month I ordered a Ford 8.8 axle from East Coast Gear Supply.  This axle is much more robust than the D35.  I passed on changing this in my backyard and instead had Jason at Rock Your 4x4 do the install.  He's a member of our club and I'd highly recommend him for Jeep work.

I then ordered a pair of Rusty's 3 inch springs for the front as my old springs were sagging and the 2inch budget boost wasn't giving me enough clearance.  The rear netted about 5/8" more lift with the axle change so nothing was changed out back.


A Jacking Calamity

Yes that's a winch cable holding the hi lift jack

The likely culprits
The next day

Almost finished