Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Folly Beach

We just got back from Folly Beach today.  FB is just south of Charleston, SC and is a really nice place for a vacation.  Unless it rains for 2 days and you're planning on staying on a boat at the marina.  The plan was to stay on my brother in law's boat at the dock in Folly, but it rained the whole first day and night so we ended up getting a motel room.  We came back to the dock the next morning and had a fun day of fishing, then it was time to head out as another huge weather system was coming in for the next 2 days.

Ok, his boat is the one on the right, not the huge yacht. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We have a couple friends in for the weekend, so yesterday I took them to see Laymance Falls and the train tunnel up in Wartburg.  The tunnel was still creepy the second time through, but at least I remembered (with help) to check my odometer this time.  It was a little over 3 tenths of a mile long.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jeeping through a Tunnel!

Wow, what an awesome ride yesterday!  We went through an abandoned flooded train tunnel in the Jeep, it was cool beyond words.  We explored some new trails in Catoosa, as well, but the tunnel ride was FTW. ;)  I have more pics and the video on my website:  Hit the trails button then the Nemo Bridge Area section.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Royal Blue

Well me a some friends ended up Jeeping in Royal Blue yesterday.  It was a muddy mess up there and came a pretty good thunderstorm on us

The exciting part was meeting another Jeep on the trail and as he tried to get around us he nearly slid off the side of the mountain.  We ended up winching him back on the trail and finding a wider place to pass each other.  It was a great time out in the woods.

Here's a pic of someone's poor truck we saw up there.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lions, CSS, and HTML, oh my!

I'm in the process of relearning HTML and teaching myself (mostly unsuccessfully) CSS.  And why am I tormenting myself?  Well I'm too cheap to buy Dreamweaver and really want my website to look better.  While it's ok for now, I know it could be much better if I could write more of the code myself.

So far I have my index page and default css file set up the way I want them, so hopefully next week I'll have the new and improved up and running. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy Holiday Weekend

Yesterday was the big day in Sneedville and we took a ton of pics and videos of the rockcrawlers.  I've uploaded the pics to my website and the videos will be uploaded to youtube as I get time.  I made a new youtube account called ironjeeper :)  and all the videos will be under that username.

Today we went up to Catoosa and rode some trails up there.  We also found a trail that leads to some really awesome falls up in Wartburg.

Laymance Falls

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rock Crawlers Galore!

I am sooo stoked about this weekend!  There is an off road event in Sneedville we'll be attending.  I know most of you are like, so?  These vehicles are custom built to go over any terrain.  We're talking about $20k on up (way up) in mods to build some of these rides and they'll be testing them on some seriously tough trails.  Imagine a 500 hp engine burning all 4 (monstrously huge) tires as a vehicle climbs a near vertical wall. 

Ok I didn't expect to convince everyone but for the converts and true believers I'll be taking tons of pics and some videos.  I hope to have them all up on youtube and by next Monday. 

Oh and I hope everyone likes the new look, the other one was kinda lame. :)