Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just pass the KY...

.../TN border on I-75 lies the Daniel Boone National Forest.  Thanks to a few tips and relentless research by the crack (smoking) team here at IronJeep we found some trails up there!

Intentions are to eventually post exact directions and reports in the trail section over at the mothership  We also hope to return soon and get more pics and some videos.  As it stands, I definitely think a club ride up here would be worth the trip.  We found trails from easy to moderate and didn't nearly scratch the surface of what's available in this area.

The KY officials seem to be taunting us with this sign:
 So gentleman, the gauntlet has been cast, we must return for high water. :P

And I leave you with a pic of a happy Jeep, she's been clean too long: